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Ancient treasures and archaeological finds, abandoned buildings and sunken cities, hidden treasures and forgotten places, historical events and famous personalities: with histourismus our history turns into a modern, impressive, unforgettable and informative experience for everyone!

The concept of histourismus (his-to-ry meets to-urism) is innovative, modular and economically sustainable. In combination with the latest augmented reality technology and virtual 3D animation, our history is filled with new life. Thus, histourismus offers a new approach to historical knowledge and so to all of our cultural identity.

Wherever visitors with an interest in history, culture and arts are welcome, there is the best possible place for histourismus! Offer your audience a clearly structured, intuitive and yet impressive experience - from the abundance of an entire cultural and historical region to the lovingly assembled private collection. Within the histourismus app there is place for everything.

Let's open up a completely new perspective for your visitors - to our history, our arts and our culture!

Which Benefits histourismus offers

In recent years, conveying arts and culture is increasingly relying on modern digital presentation media. Many institutions are already using apps for smartphones and tablets. However, individual and stand-alone solutions are offered predominantly. Due to high costs of such products in most cases only mayor institutions are able to afford them. In addition, these apps often refer to a specific setting or exhibition, which can often only be subsequently adapted within complex database systems.

However, if you have to completely redesign exhibition areas or wish to thoroughly extend content, those apps have to be completely renewed in most cases. This usually comes with a considerable addition in the financial expense. Similar to "good old" audio guides, which were often used for decades, those apps remain unchanged and are not to be updated for years. The investments made to this point should pay off first before something new can be afforded.

  • others give you ...
static one-time solutions
  • which depict a specific status of your offer
  • which work with rigid databases
  • which can hardly be adapted while in stores
  • where major changes lead to high costs
  • histourismus offers you ...
dynamic permanent solutions
  • which can be expanded at any time
  • where even exhibitions can be exchanged
  • which you can add new modules to
  • where changes come with affordable updates
  • others give you ...
technology "to-date"
  • The technical structure used corresponds to the time of publication
  • With a longer period of use, modern features will soon appear out of date
  • histourismus offers you ...
technology "UP-to-date"
  • You will automatically receive technical updates for your histourismus application
  • We are constantly developing new modules that you can also integrate later
  • others give you ...
only classical tools
  • like an often quite extensive selection of languages for texts & audios
  • like simple navigation & tour solutions
  • like clear maps & plans
  • histourismus offers you ...
yet innovative features
  • for impressive graphic projections (AR, VR, 360° UHD-panoramas)
  • for sophisticated tour guide modules
  • for many instructive eduGames
  • others give you ...
fixed payment models
  • where you have to pay the complete development costs BEFORE release
  • where updates & extensions are included in more rigid & expensive service contracts
  • histourismus offers you ...
variable financing models
  • where we work together to meet your needs & being able to coordinate conditions
  • which can be variably adapted to the success of your histourismus app at any time

The Structure of histourismus

Core of our histourismus structure is the individual exhibit, we title it Point-of-Interest (POI) around which all the other modules within the app are arranged.

All the required detailed information, image galleries and optional virtual components are initially assigned to this POI. Individual exhibits or POIs can then be grouped into different areas (e.g. floors, rooms, etc.). All of them together ultimately form the respective location, which can then be explored using interactive maps and navigation.

Depending on the applications' planned size, several locations can either be initially summed up into cities or can be presented collectively on the top level of a cultural-historical region.

Those individual levels provide you with the following options for your histourismus app:

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The Location Level

  • is the lowest and only indispensable level of your histourismus application.

  • sums up all exhibits or POIs of one single location with all their informationen and special features (e.g. museum, church, castleruin).

  • can be split up into different areas such as single rooms, floors, indoor/ourdoor oder thematic zones.
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The City Level

  • groups a few locations together, which lie in a relativly small area within a bigger region.

  • lends itself mainly to bigger projects where single sites, distributed over a larger region should be presented alongside urban areas. This gives you a much better overview!

  • enables virtual city tours and individual city walks to be offered.
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The Region Level

  • offers a clearly structured overview of the entire range of a cultural region.

  • provides an interactive map with all locations, which can be expanded by a web-based route-planning and day-tour module.

  • a lot of information about opening times, prices, accessibility and parking facilities can be added to sites.

Which Modules does histourismus offer

Histourismus offers its modular structure throughout all levels and is therefore expandable at any time. For an individual composition of your own application thus provides numerous options for technical extensions and content additions. With the help of our system you can freely design the optimal product for your setting and develope it further over time.

We offer you a wide variety of modules for all kinds of purposes. Some components will have a global effect on the general structure of the app (supported operating systems, language selection, differentiation into target groups, etc.). Valuable tools for statistical evaluations and analysis of the app usage can also be found. Other elements are designed to offer your visitors different forms of virtual guided tours. In addition, specific graphic enhancements can be incorporated for selected sites or special exhibits (virtual reconstructions, augmented reality, etc.). And we also provide you with a broad portfolio of ideas for the area of playful knowledge transfer (edugames).

Histourismus is constantly developing new modules & features!

Structural Modules
  • Basic tools with a lasting impact on the entire app & the content structure

  • These modules should - if possible - be included in the basic concept, but subsequent installation is also possible.
Structural Modules
  • Expandable language selection (text|audio)

  • Differentiation of content in target groups

  • Variable tracking methods (GPS|AR|QR)

  • Informative evaluation (feedback|statistics)
Guiding Modules
  • Numerous options from route-planning over a city-guide to a museum-tour

  • Offer an always expandable range of individual tours as well as an upgrade to your existing classic tours with a digital companion
Guiding Modules
  • Interactive guiding using AR tracking

  • Individual digital guides (chat bots)

  • Use Several tracking systems side by side

  • Linking POIs to "a story"
Visuals Modules
  • Use of the latest 3D graphics for impressive digital reconstructions & time travels

  • Use the sheer power of current graphic systems for numerous virtual/augmented reality content for exhibits or at sites.
Visuals Modules
  • Interactive 360° panorama time travels

  • Augmented reality inserts (static/animated)

  • Animatable virtual guides & photo motifs

  • AR exhibits as virtual give-aways
EduGame Modules
  • A wide variety of ideas to convey scientific content in a playful yet instructive way

  • Choose from a range of interactive game concepts & elements that are most suitable for your setting and target groups.
EduGame Modules
  • Freely configurable quiz components

  • Puzzle rallies & group activities

  • AR-based search & puzzle games

  • Challenging escape-the-room concepts

The Funding concept of histourismus

Even if a concept is as good as it is and would optimally fit the needs of potential customers, it often fails because of one thing: allegedly missing financial resources. Therefore, structural, content-related, but also economic thoughts are usually not even undertaken. In our experience, such a project is often perceived as a positive enrichment for a location or region in principle, but "unfortunately there is no money for it" and it is for this reason not to be considered.

With histourismus we would like to take a new, yet innovative path together with our customers. Would it not be an advantage if one can primarily talk on the app itself with not always having to see the financials as a primary knockout criterion?

Of course, there is no question that planning, design, programming, editing and marketing for a content-wise meaningful and well-functioning application have their price. The decisive factor, however, is what options we offer our customers in order to ultimately cover these costs and manage them sensibly.

We therefore offer the following options for funding your histourismus app:

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The classical Approach

  • The costs for the entire project will be billed in full during the course of the project development.

  • Important technical updates & corrections are covered by a minimal annual service fee.

  • Additional modules & extensions can be planned and implemented at any time, even when the app is already in stores. These adjustments are then processed and charged as an independent, new order.

  • The decision if the app should be available for free or for a fee is entirely up to you.
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Working as Partners

  • We agree on a multi-year partnership and split up the total costs of the app development over this period.

  • All technical updates as well as editorial adjustments developed within the term are automatically covered by the annual service fee.

  • Additional modules & extensions can be added at any time. The costs can be split up among the outstanding installments or a longer term can be agreed.

  • It is of course possible to pay rates earlier and you can also decide for yourself whether the app should be available free of charge or not.
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Funding via Community

  • Here, too, we agree on a multi-year partnership and split the total costs of the project over the duration of the contract.

  • However, together we determine how much the app should cost your visitors and with which marketing strategy this income can best be generated.

  • Until the annual installment is reached, this income is used to repay the installments. Only the first installment is to be paid as a deposit.

  • If there are surpluses from the app sales, these can be used for extensions, or a fair distribution of the income can be agreed.

The Team behind histourismus

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